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JUQI, meaning “sharable” and “hospitality,” promotes an inclusive and comfortable atmosphere. We treat customers as if they're longtime friends; a smile along with every “吃了吗?您呐” (Beijing greeting).

A message of justice by sharing a view into Beijing's abundant culture and history. Welcome to Beijing; it’s located in the heart of New York.

Juqi began long ago, with family and friends gathered around a table in Beijing enjoying a meal together. Shared amongst them were stories, laughter, and most importantly– food. The binding act of basking in the culture of Beijing and its authentic, home-style, recipes is the foundation for JUQI. A shared love of authentic cuisine is a one-way ticket to Beijing for your tastebuds and soul. Our restaurant is as much a museum as it is a world-class eatery. When you step inside, Beijing surrounds you. Dine inside a classic birdhouse. Surround yourself with bricks flown straight from hutongs. Enjoy the crispy skin and juicy meat of our renowned duck feast.

JUQI has over 20 locations all over the world. Its expansion into the United States begins with Flushing, New York. Founder, Tong Han, is a native Beijinger and former tour guide who thrived in daily Beijing life. Missing the sites of China’s enchanting landscape and architecture, he wanted to showcase the allure of Beijing. Juqi blends Beijing culture with a unique dining experience. With a traditional style in both decor and cuisine, JUQI elegantly matches the form of the Ming Dynasty. By featuring birdcages, trees, coal, and ancient bricks, all are able to imagine themselves in Beijing alleys (hutongs).

Tong Han

Tong Han, born in 1980s Beijing, was a tour guide for much of his life. While exploring everything from Beijing hutongs to the Chinese rolling hills, Tong Han felt that authentic dishes and an encapsulating atmosphere were the best ways to allow others to experience Beijing. Tong Han popularized JUQI through traditional atmospheric elements and distinguished home-cooked dishes. Everyone, even those who have not yet journeyed to Beijing, can experience and embrace its culture.

Ancient Imperial Dishes

Ancient Imperial Dishes at JUQI are proudly served in conjunction with the customary atmosphere and emphasize our admiration for traditional Chinese culture. This type of imperial cuisine was historically served mainly to the imperial families in Beijing, including elaborate cooking methods and highly selective ingredients. Derived from stories of the Ming Dynasty, JUQI’s imperial dishes are prepared with just as much care and attention to detail as they had been in ancient times. Both our Peking Duck and Mr. Rabbit Mashed Potatoes are crafted by highly skilled and attentive chefs who place incredible value on the importance of perfecting such distinguished cuisine.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck–a type of imperial cuisine that originated from the Ming Dynasty–is special because historically, only royalty could enjoy it. This is because Peking Duck requires a strict standard while cooking it; so strict that only a master chef is able to cut the duck into 108 pieces in eight minutes. A traditional and signature dish, Peking Duck has become more well known due to the process of imperial dishes being passed down from one generation to the next, by word of mouth and through writing. We at JUQI pride ourselves on our chefs’ ability to fix the duck in a specific way that relates to Beijinger history and culture.