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Beijing Culture

Paying homage to the Beijinger lifestyle, JUQI is culturally immersive from the moment you step inside our restaurant. The bricks displayed inside are 100+ years old, each shipped from Beijing hutongs with their own stories and past to share. Our beautiful traditional lattice windows, swallow birds, and pomegranate trees embrace the style of Beijing alleys and homes. These elements bring homestyle comfort to New York City residents from all over the world!

Beijing Traditional Food

JUQI’s ancient imperial dishes relate to history and ancient tradition. In Beijing, sharing food is how rich culture is passed between loved ones. At JUQI, we believe in using visuals and flavors to elevate the dining experience as our dishes are home-cooked meals that allow customers to have a view into what Beijing is genuinely like. Some of our menu is comprised of ancient imperial dishes, each carefully crafted with attention to detail and tradition. These special menu items stem from ancient royalty. From traditional Peking Duck to Royal Egg Pudding and our iconic signature dish: Mr. Rabbit Mashed Potatoes, JUQI takes pride in our ability to create a taste of home!